Studio 101 – How to Run a Profitable Photography Business

Course Description: Studio 101 – How to Run a Profitable Photography Business with Ana and Geoff Brandt

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Ana and Geoff have been married for 16 years and are finally coming together to bring you this Studio 101 course.

Whether you are a solo operator or manage a studio full of employees or are trying to grow from one to the other, you must master basic business operations if you plan to survive and grow against the competition in your city.

Things you should be doing but probably don’t – or wish you could do better:

  • Proper bookkeeping
  • Building cashflow spreadsheets so you know how much $$$ you will make
  • Develop google-friendly web sites
  • Hire employees (legally!) with comp plans and benefits
  • Set up and manage payroll
  • Develop marketing & PR campaigns to get your business noticed
  • Master sales techniques to add new customers
  • Try to fit it all into 24 hours a day!

This is why Ana and Geoff are able to bring you a very special 4 week course that covers all the business basics – crafted especially for photographers – that will teach you how to do all that and more!

There will be plenty of assignments to help you learn, links to some of Geoff’s favorite small business software (which he’ll show you how to set up and use) and many downloadable templates to help you run your business. At the end, we sum it all up with a live webinar where you can ask Geoff any questions you wish about the entire course.

Geoff ( has done all of these things many times, both for his own businesses and his clients’. He’s also benefitted by being around while Ana has grown her photography studio into one of the most successful in the industry over the past 16 years.

Normally Geoff offers a course like this to businesses for $497 to $997 depending on the length. But because of his “close professional relationship” with Ana, he’s making it available to you for $149. (members use your code to get 15% off)

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This is a Six Week Course.

Each week, new lessons, worksheets, podcasts and other demos are posted. A webinar will wrap up course at the end. You can get online at anytime during the 6 weeks. The entire course will be downloadable at the end of the course.


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