Studio 101 Round 2

Course begins August 8th

  • Time Management that works
  • Pricing that covers costs AND profits
  • Building cashflow spreadsheets so you know how much $$$ you will make
  • Pay yourself for your time! (and not go broke)
  • Develop google-friendly web sites (SEO on a budget)
  • Hire employees (legally!) with comp plans and benefits
  • Retain professional help for pennies
  • Develop marketing & PR campaigns to get your business noticed
  • Reviews and how-to’s for the BEST software tools to save you time and money
  • Master techniques to add new customers
  • Overwhelm your local competition
  • Build a budget that allows you to outsource the stuff you hate (so you can take pictures!)
  • Learn how to fit it it all into 24 hours a day and still wake up loving every minute!

Note – Lesson start dates are estimates. This is technically a 5 week course and we may delay lessons to accommodate additional focus on a previous lesson based on students’ needs.


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